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Let us help complete your financial picture. We are in Andover, Kansas but have clients throughout the country. Whether you own your business or are an employee, our clients want cost-effective and tax efficient solutions. We would be happy to share ways to reduce areas of risk in your financial picture and offer a more reliable way to add some stability to your income and capital needs.

Geoff Stalker - Retirement Plan Specialist & Wealth Management Advisor

Qualified Plans

Company sponsored retirement plans are typically a top 10 expense item for any large company, but an integral component to attract, retain, and reward talent. There are typically many moving parts and opportunities for inefficiency. The difference between an 'OK' plan and a great plan can be significant.

Our Outcome Based Model—in the emerging/small plan size market ($50 Million & Less), typically uncovers inefficiencies in one or more of these seven areas: How we address these weaknesses can dramatically improve outcomes:

  1. Company Level: Employee perception of the 401k as a “benefit”

  2. Plan Level: What are the plan goals? What are the measureable outcomes?

  3. Investment Level: Evaluation process and fee levelization

  4. Participant Level: Education Strategy, Communication & Technology

  5. HR Support Level: Best of practice plan guidance and support for the support

  6. Trustee Level: Are plan trustee(s) maximizing all available fiduciary protections?

  7. CFO Level: How can ‘retirement readiness’ improve company bottom line

How do you know if your plan fees are reasonable? When was the last due dilligence fee benchmark analysis performed for your plan? Let us help.

Qualified Retirement Plans typically cover substantially all eligible employees and have special income tax advantages. These types of plans are subject to strict and somewhat complex rules in order to obtain these tax advantages. Geoff Stalker works extensively with clients on Qualifies Plans. Read more: Qualified Retirement Plans | Northwestern Mutual.

What is a 401k? - the basics


Other Areas of Guidance for Business Owners

If you own or operate a business, Geoff Stalker recommends the following articles:Business Markets Stratey map

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With a focused expertise on the business owner, Geoff Stalker can provide guidance for any stage of your business:


Focus on Retirement for the Individual

We are living longer that ever - and that means retirement will last longer as well. To help ensure you have the lifestyle you want in the future, it is important to develop a sound retirement plan today to make the most of you savings for tomorrow.

Geoff Stalker works with his clients in every phase of retirement planning:

Geoff Stalker and his team excel in serving pre and post retirees with wealth managment and income optimization through a unique strategy designed to preserve and manage your wealth, protect against risk with predictable steady income for life.


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